Without www geting Error 502

I can’t get my page work. When I add www.corris.lt it works, but when I add only corris.lt it’s not working showing the Error 502 Host error. In DNS section I added everything what my server provider mozello asks, they approved everything is correct, but the address still not working. Need help…

Replace the value of your www CNAME with @

Thanks, Sandro. Did I did it right ?
According to mozello (server provider) it should be h.mozell.com (https://www.mozello.com/support/how-do-i-use-a-domain-purchased-elsewhere/). Wouldn’t it be a problem ? Thanks.

Thank you, Sandro
Did I did it right ? Mozello shows different requirements https://www.mozello.com/support/how-do-i-use-a-domain-purchased-elsewhere/ . Will I have no problems with that ?

after changing value, the page is down even if I add with or without www. Any other thoughts please or am I doing something wrong ?

Alright, that might change the story. Try changing it back, I wasnt aware you were supposed to use a CNAME setup.

For me, https://www.corris.lt/ loads perfectly and I see the 502 on https://corris.lt/

Yes, what should I do to make load perfectly and https://corris.lt ? :slight_smile:

Is it still pointing to that 51 address? They do not seem to support HTTPS and - assuming your SSL mode is one of the two Fulls - you would need to change that to either “Off” or “Flexible”.

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I think @sandro nailed it with

Thank you all ! It helped.

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