Without my knowledge, my domains are redirected to non-my ip-addresses

Hello, without my knowledge, my domains are redirected to non-my ip-addresses. Although my ip-addresses are indicated in the line cabinet.

Первый скриншот показывает, что в моем личном кабинете все впорядке. Однако, если попробовать добавить мой сайт а иную учетную запись Cloudflare мой домен на самом деле перенаправлен на не мои ip-адреса

Proxied hosts are visible to the internet on Cloudflare IP addresses, which Cloudflare then redirects to your real IP address. It’s how all the Cloudflare magic works. It’s normal and working as intended.

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The first screenshot shows that everything is ok in my personal account. However, if I try to add my website and another Cloudflare account, my domain is actually redirected not to my ip addresses

In fact, it seems that my domains are redirected to other people’s servers (stolen).

Could you please help me to solve this problem because it has already affected several my sites. And of course I don’t want to get more sites stolen.

As mentioned:

They’re not stolen. Just like the first time around, Cloudflare scans public DNS records when you add a site. That’s part of the point of Cloudflare: To hide your server’s actual IP addresses. Otherwise, anybody on Cloudflare could repeat the process and find out your hidden IP addresses.

If you want to move the domain to another account, you can manually export/import your DNS records:



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