With Wordpress APO, do we even need to bypass cache for /wp-admin/, etc?

The way that I understand APO for Wordpress is that it takes care of bypassing cache for all files that are part of the Wordpress core and need not be cached. Like /wp-cron.php, /wp-admin/, and all the other files that would cause issues by being cached.

By that, we don’t really need to use Page Rules to bypass cache for any of that.

Am I correct?

Correct on all counts. Is something not working?

No, I just have these cache bypass Page Rules I picked somewhere as a “must have” for Wordpress sites and I was thinking how APO likely manages these by default, so no need to have them.

Because when I have them for /wp-admin/, /ajax, /wp-cron.php, and then I realize there must be dozens of them I missed, and yet the site still works fine, despite that my last Page Rule is set to cache everything.

So I figured APO must be responsible that the site works nonetheless so there should be no need to have any bypassing of core WP files in Page Rules at all.

Wanted to make sure I am not mistaken.



I had /wp-admin/ set to bypass cache in Page Rules, but was having trouble logging in. I had to reload the login page each time.

Then I added Disable Security and Disable Performance to that rule and the login started working again.

That is the only thing I can point out. I have security set to Medium inside the plugin, but I don’t think that impacts the login/admin area.

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