With the free service are images served by CloudFlare

I am slightly confused about what assets get served by CloudFlare with the free plan.

Although I’m primarily concerned with images — is there a list of what assets are actually served.


Everything gets served. All your content will be tunnelled through the proxies.

Why are you asking?

While everything is proxied by Cloudflare, as @sandro said, static files will be cached like a CDN for a limited time.

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I am asking as I want to know what get served using the Cloudflare free plan

That is clear, but why would you wonder about that in the first place.

As mentioned, there is no limitation as to that, however be careful if you cache a lot resources which are not directly web related (e.g. media files) as that could get you an account suspension.

Your site isn’t on Cloudflare, and you’re already using a third party CDN, so very little of your site will go through Cloudflare. Almost nothing. Just the HTML for that page, plus a couple of Admin-Ajax files.

So, to summarize, anything currently at ExactCDN would end up being cached by Cloudflare if you move your domain here and stop using ExactCDN.

That is a valid point. Your site currently consists of the main document and one PHP file. Everything else is on a different domain and would logically not be served via Cloudflare. So right now, we are talking about two resources, of which both would be tunnelled through Cloudflare but - under the default configuration - neither cached.

Thank you

I was using both ExactCDN (Bunny CDN in reality)

But only the HTML the page was being delivered by cloudflare.

What I was worried about http2 causing problems with domain sharding.

I also use WP Rocket and made sure the Exactdn was being pointed to and also WP Rocket allowed me to use Cloudflare via it’s dedicated panel.

I was worried about using both CDNs so I cancelled my free cloudflare using Siteground’s cloudflare facility.

So my question should have been. Is there any problem with using both CDNs

No, but the content served via your actual CDN wont go through Cloudflare anyhow. So you’ll be using Cloudflare for the two aforementioned URLs and your CDN for the rest.

Thanks. I cancelled my Cloudflare I thought it was very good. maybe I should have looked into staying with cloudflare and buying a plan.

The free plans are very good. Paid plans are more specialized, but for $20/month, the image optimizations (Polish and Mirage) and additional page rules can be quite helpful.

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