With 'Proxied', HTTP response time is slower recently

Hi all,

We got an issue in Singapore Region:

  • Our DNS use ‘Proxied’ feature for origin on AWS Singapore Region.
  • Recently, the response time is slower than before.

From 2020-May-05 05:02 UTC, the response time has been normal again.

In other region, everything is ok.

My question is: what happened between CloudFlare and AWS network in Singapore recently ?

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For me this seems to be a global issue:

I know some say its just in germany, but at the same time more and more people are complaining about slow CloudFlare speed and high response times

Edit: it is very very normal that dynamic requests are (ofc) slower when proxied, but just by 10-20ms.
This difference is not normal at all. But all proxied dynamic requests are slower then not proxied


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Thank you for your info.

I think that it is from CloudFlare. CF prioritizes traffic for paid plans, and sometime it routes your traffic to another PoP …

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