With Flattening, how can i add a cname that work as cname?

Hi guys, im using Cloudflare but i need a cname record that work as a cname

but flattening dont make it happen.

I just saw and naked domain cant be unflattening.

Im new to this, theres a way that i can make a cname here that works as a cname?

because here on

because flattning does not work.

Thank you all.

Unproxy it.

Also, you don’t have a valid certificate on your server. You need to fix this too.

if i unproxy it, i lost the ssl and cdn, right?

You don’t lose SSL, because you need that on your server anyhow and right now you do not, which you need to fix.

But, yes you lose the overall Cloudflare features.

got it.

but i cant reach the server, they want to sell the ssl as well.

this (and the another cloudflare features) are the point to use it.

But, to work cloudflare ssl on their server, i need the cname.

im on a bad way, right?

Cloudfare cannot secure your site, if it is not secure on its own. You need a certificate on your server. Either pay your current host or switch your host. As long as that is not fixed, there is little point in address other issues.

As for the CNAME, if you need that you can only unproxy. Proxied, there’ll never be a CNAME.

Ok, thkx for the quick answer.

As for certificates, Cloudflare also offers Origin certificates which are free and can be installed on your server.

i will check that. Thanks again.

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