With DNSSEC Active, DNSChecker.org is showing a strange DNS record

Cheers, and thanks for your time. I’m attempting to install WordPress on my new domain - collr.me - and continually have issues, despite repeating a time-tested and oft-repeated routine of purchasing a domain name, getting it set up with my hosting, and getting Cloudflare cooking.

Despite setting everything up more than 24 hours ago, DNSChecker.org https://dnschecker.org/#A/collr.me shows DNS entries I have never seen affiliated with the domain. My current DNS settings do not contain an entry with the same A Records. https://paste.pics/890b33e177ea9d1bfda88b973b5ccf30

Googling led me to activating DNSSEC, which is something I have only today’s experience with. I still am unable to access my WordPress install, and DNSChecker.org is still showing what is evidently a Cloudflare A Record.

Any help is HUGELY appreciated and I thank you for your time.

Rob G.

If you understand how Cloudflare works, then you will know that DNS query will return Cloudflare IP addresses because Cloudflare is essentially sitting in front of your servers as a reverse proxy.

How does Cloudflare work? – Cloudflare Help Center.

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I appreciate the heads-up!

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By the way, are you using Flexible SSL mode?

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Yeah - I am using Flexible - I’m still getting


This may explain why you have issues accessing your WordPress installation.

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