With Cloudflare it seems that performances went down

Hi there
I just activated the cloudflare DSN for my website and maybe I have to go through a few setting adjustments because I did a speed performance test before and after Cloudflare activation and results are really bad.
The performance are not improved but drastically degenerated.
L. Contentful Paint
from 1.7s to 5.8s
Fully loaded time from 2.6s to 5.8s

I can share a few screenshots:
Performance before Cloudflare:

Performance with Cloudflare:

If I try to go deep in my Cloudflare Speed panel I cannot check directly the specific urls where I am concerned, but only check the domain
I am concentrate on the subdomain where I installed a woocommerce as it impacts more the performance…: page of the shops I tested on GT Metrix and shared on my screenshot is here:

Strange thing is that on Cloudflare panel they suggest that if I buy a Pro service the performance will go better… but if I look at mobile performance I see again very low results

so, as a first impression, why with Cloudflare it seems that performances went down?
I read a bit the tutorial but cannot see a reason for that.
Many thanks

Add page rule to cache everything

What about dynamic pages?

Exclude them with page rule

Then you are back to square one.

Performance can be degraded temporarily if you are getting a high amount of traffic to your website! You can run a speed test to see how long it takes for your site to load up (see the content of the site). Note: You can only run the test 5 times every month (on a free plan)! Your quota renews at the beginning of every month!

thank you I will get through the suggestion about page roles for dynamic pages

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