With Cloudflare DNS (Proxy) the web server is not accessible


we have hosted an application in AWS EC2 Server with PHP and MySQL. added the DNS in Cloudflare.
The usage of the applcication is HTTPS and FTP.
after enabling the DNS with cloudflare (Proxy) we are able to browse the application but the FTP with domain is not working, if we disable the Proxy it is working. This is causing files upload to the server and not able to use cloudflare DNS across the world.

Can you please help .

Sanjeev Rao.

Any hostname set to :orange: in Cloudflare DNS is going through Cloudflare’s HTTP proxy servers. They don’t proxy FTP (Port 21) or SSH (Port 22). You would have to configure FTP to go straight to the origin’s IP address, or use a subdomain that’s not set to :orange:.

Hey @sdayman, could you elaborate on excluding the proxy from port 21/22?

I found an article about it: https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200169156-Identifying-network-ports-compatible-with-Cloudflare-s-proxy

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