With cloudfare dns unable to navigate on internet

hi, i always use dns and but till today i’m not able to navigate web using them, if i change for ex to quad9 no problems at all…why…??
thxs so much in adv.

May I ask which website you’re trying to open? :thinking:

So far, currently there’s no issues :thinking:

Are you using desktop or mobile to browse the Internet?

every site…i have really no line on pc…but i realize that using tor i’ve no problem so i change the dns from my usual to and i navigate all the web, with my usual no site is navigable…why…??
thxs so much in adv. cheers

i’m using my desktop pc with win 10 home 64

What error do you get?
Can you share a screenshot of it?

i get this:

Tempo per la connessione esaurito

Si è verificato un errore durante la connessione a _www.Cloudflare.com.

Il sito potrebbe essere non disponibile o sovraccarico. Riprovare fra qualche istante.
Se non è possibile caricare alcuna pagina, controllare la connessione di rete del computer.
Se il computer o la rete sono protetti da un firewall o un proxy, assicurarsi che Firefox abbia i permessi per accedere al Web.

i copied what i see in my page, obviously i add the sign “_” at the beginning of the web add cause yr forum’s rules do not allow the direct write of a web add, a pop up warning invite me not to add a direct link…

here it is the screenshot you ask

still no news…!!!..so strange… :frowning:
maybe Cloudflare is under attack…??? :frowning:

really seems that Cloudflare has issues…i started a new topic…me too have unusual issues using dns Cloudflare…no issues if i use tor or a vpn…but if i simply use a broiwser like ff,chrome,opera,edge and so on there is no really way to navigate any sites at all…

still unable to use Cloudflare dns…
why the company is silent…??..maybe there is a bug…??
maybe is under attack…:frowning:
pls clarify…

Visit and share a link from there if you can. And you can also try a traceroute at the command line:


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