With caching/page rule video streaming is being done!


many sites are abusing the page rules/caching method.

They are streaming with the caching system.

Cloudflare users direct, Cloudflare is broadcasting with servers.

Sample ;
streaming site : -
m3u8 file : -

.ts file

.ts - m3u8 files are cache with page rule method.

There are multiple domains named domain1- domain2 - domain3. ( probably, was done to divide the traffic consumption. )

abuse your bandwidth is being used.

Content such as .ts - mp4 should not be cached.

Cloudflare should review this situation.

I don’t believe there are specific rules preventing this behaviour. If the files are < 500 MB each everything is fine as it should.

With hls, the videos are divided into 1000 parts.
each part is max: 2mb size.

Open m3u8 file with vlc / htm5 player. Watch 1gb size video :slight_smile:

This fraud is not a good thing.

Cloudflare servers continue to lose bandwith.
no bandwidth is consumed by user server.

The caching system is being abused here.

then cdn - streaming - video host services, why sales are made?

this is very funny.

Still, no issues that I see. They have systems to prevent abuse, if they do not see it I wouldn’t worry about it.

In addition I believe there is an email for abuse. You should contact them directly if you believe so strongly it’s an issue.

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the rules are like that;

Using an account primarily as an online storage space, including the storage or caching of a disproportionate percentage of pictures, movies, audio files, or other non-HTML content, is prohibited.

people are abusing this caching - page rule service.

I am a whitehat.

I understand that, but still, they know exactly those limits and have systems to prevent abuse to the limits they can’t handle, including purging content if caching becomes too high or affects other customers.

They will handle it internally, if they need to. The abuse contacts exist if there is some sort of abuse to you, somebody you know or something you have control over.

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What if they are already paying customers? Additionally it’s slow like ■■■■.

Nevertheless. This site should be taken down for copyright infringement.

That is a different issue though…

Cloudflare does not care.
domain owner has opened 40 domains;

domain1.tk ,domain2.tk ,domain3.tk ,domain4.tk ,domain5.tk ,domain6.tk ,domain7.tk ,domain8.tk ,domain9.tk ,domain10.tk ,domain11.tk ,domain12.tk ,domain13.tk ,domain14.tk ,domain15.tk ,domain16.tk ,domain17.tk ,domain18.tk ,domain19.tk ,domain20.tk ,domain21.tk ,domain22.tk ,domain23.tk ,domain24.tk ,domain25.tk ,domain26.tk ,domain27.tk ,domain28.tk ,domain29.tk ,domain30.tk ,domain31.tk ,domain32.tk ,domain33.tk ,domain34.tk ,domain35.tk ,domain36.tk

with these domains , people are watching movies.

absolutely, development should be done for page rule/caching system.

.ts files and mp4 files should not be caching. ( Only stable/default videos should be taken.)

It’s not Cloudflare’s role to police content, it’s the content’s owners role.


my friend , i guess you do not understand.

this site owner ( domain1.tk , domain2.tk … )
It plays movies with the hls system.

but the problem is this:
The .ts files(movies files) are playing through the caching.

I guess you understand me now?

I understand exactly what his site is doing, the problem is that there is nothing we can do and most importantly there is very few that Cloudflare itself could do.

If Cloudflare deems it’s doing wrongful by their ToS they will do whatever they feel right. If the issue is the content then you should contact the owners, not post in the Customer’s Community Forum of Cloudflare.

From Cloudflare’s ToS (Self-Serve Subscription Agreement):

Cloudflare is a pass-through network and, at most, caches content for a limited period in order to improve network performance. Cloudflare automatically removes content from our caches when it has been removed from our customer’s origin web server. Cloudflare is not a hosting provider and has no way of removing abusive content on third party hosting services. Individuals or copyright holders concerned with content served through Cloudflare’s network may submit a complaint for investigation to: Abuse approach - Cloudflare.

Cloudflare does not accept abuse complaints submitted over the telephone. If you would prefer not to use our complaint submission form, you may mail your complaint to:

Cloudflare, Inc.
Attn: Legal Department
101 Townsend St,
San Francisco, CA 94107

Please provide detailed information supporting your complaint as well as an affidavit attesting to its validity.

By submitting a complaint, you acknowledge that, at Cloudflare’s sole discretion, copies of the complaint may be provided to the Cloudflare user, the user’s hosting provider, posted on Cloudflare’s website, and/or provided to third party services such as Lumen.

Here is information for reporting abuse:

already reported abuse but they are responding automatically.

There is a problem here and they do not take it into consideration.

By such people, Cloudflare is being abused.

Why would you care if a third party is abusing CF’s systems (you believe and even Cloudflare itself doesn’t) that are not causing any issue to you?

You notified them, they will do their investigation and decide their eventual course of action.

I want the Cloudflare to get better.
because they give me free service.

people should not abuse it , this is a bad use.

Tust are three things abuse teams will do:

No answer
Auto reply, no further messages due to privacy, law and so on.
Stay in touch with you.

They get flooded with requests. Trust me Cloudflare takes care and will take appropriate action. I love it when people like you take care about this. Apparently all you can do is to report abusive behavior.


this usage is not fair at all.

this site is average; Estimated to consume 50gbit/sec - 100gbit/sec bandwith.

this may cause our sites to open slowly.
Many problems can arise.

Please let’s be sensible.

Trust us, Cloudflare takes abuse reports seriously. If a user breaks the law or Cloudflare rules, they will lose their account. And when lawyers for wronged parties contact Cloudflare, Cloudflare listens and responds.

As far as how it impacts you…it doesn’t. Cloudflare has lots of capacity to handle all websites at full speed. Your site(s) will be fine.


if such abuse increases.
it will not be such good site speed in the future.
because these people are consuming bandwith without giving money.

Everyone should be sensitive and careful.