With Argo would all my requests come in from a Single IP?

I am trying to improve my origin performance by trying to see how I can have the CDN holistically consolidate requests for the same URL within its network infrastructure

Right now — lets say /abc is setting a cache expiration of 15s — however I would still get multiple requests from Cloudflare within the 15s interval from different GEO nodes.

My questions — is part of the Argo offering — consolidating these requests before they reach my origin or is it mostly a traffic optimization product but wouldn’t reduce the number of requests as per the above?

Introducing: Smarter Tiered Cache Topology Generation (cloudflare.com)


Thanks — that hits the spot. To confirm Argo pricing fro smart tiering.
If my website currently shows in Cloudflare Analytics 98.99 GB of data last month that would have cost me 5 + .50 * 100 = $55 — is that right or should I be looking only at non-cached bandwidth?

Any input? Did try to reach out support to validate this pricing example but no luck.

Hi there,

I’ll be referring the ticket to our Billing Support. Thank you for reaching out to us.

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