Wishlist for WARP client

Hello there,

As the WARP client is not Open Source :frowning: I am sharing with you guys a wishlist I created based on a recent implementation of it across my organization.

  • JSON output support for CLI: If I want to, let’s say automatically connect to a given virtual network using warp-cli, I need to use regexes or other ugly methods. Supporting JSON output would greatly improve automation simplicity.
  • Better virtual networks handling (allow force deletions): When virtual networks are being used by devices, they can’t be deleted. This is a problem when you do not directly control who within the organization is using a given virtual network. A force delete option would be great here.
  • ARM64 support: There are already threads out there with this. I can deduce ARM64 is already supported as there is a client for mac ARM64 computers. Please also support ARM64 linux releases.
  • Waiting until a connection is ready: When doing automations, running “warp-cli connect” just finishes instantly, even when the connection is not ready yet. Supporting a flag that waits until the connection is actually ready would stop users from having to do “sleep(5)” for every “warp-cli” command we run.
  • Better provisioning (only latest via apt and yum really sucks): With the current release channels you use there is no way for pinning a cloudflare-warp version, or using it on a Linux distro that does not use apt or yum, or even using it on a OS with a GLIBC version older than 2.6. Providing self-contained binares would be really helpful in this regard.