Wish to cancel - cannot login or recover

we cannot access our account and we no longer need it
we cannot recover the account because 2FA goes to the originators phone, he died over a year ago and his laptop was disposed of
so we cannot login to raise a ticket
we have routed our traffic elsewhere and therefore we cannot merge the old account into a new one which was Cloudflare’s suggestion
we just want to close the account, we don’t use it or its nameservers anymore
We have been trying for 3 months and have paid our monthly bills for basic plan
Can anyone pull the plug on it for us?
Or should we just stop paying?

Can anyone help?


Can you share the name of a domain in that account you can no longer access?

Can you go here, https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support and create a Billing ticket? Once you have a Billing ticket, please share your ticket number here.

thank you for your human response. The domain is

‘mercedes (hyphen) benz (hyphen) club (dot) co (dot) uk’

we cannot log in due to 2fa and deceased phone owner and no longer have laptop used to login
so we cannot raise a ticket

the “lost 2fa” route is broken because when you follow this …
You get a verification code which arrives by email fine and lets you raise a ticket via that route, you then have to verify the ticket…
but the ticket verification email never arrives (all the same email address)
so ticket not raised
no help available by phone or by email

someone in sales sent me a document suggesting opened a new account and asked support to merge old into new so could then close it but this is no use because.

already moved away from CF due to these problems ongoing for 3 months
cannot raise a ticket

Tried billing - they just refer to bot responses

Thank you, I see your ticket 2931625 and will flag that for the attention of my colleagues in Billing. They’ll communicate with you on the ticket. In the meantime, can you reply to that ticket and cc the address of the account holder (the email that you can no longer access) to put everything together for the Billing agent?


It looks like we were able to resolve the issue in the ticket, sorry you had to go through this situation.


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