Wireless CarPlay Connection Issues with WARP enabled

I have been using WARP+ on my mobile and seems to work really well, forget its running most of the time. When I get into the car, my iPhone uses Wireless CarPlay and it doesn’t seem to connect. You have to disconnect WARP then it connects and works OK when you reconnect.

I assume this is because of the VPN more than WARP? Anyone else having the same issue? Saw the CarPlay Known issues post on here, but was mentioned in 2019 and not since. Has this been fixed or looked into? Doesn’t seem to mention it on the Cloudflare Docs Known issues site either.

Wireless Carplay works over 5 GHz WiFi and thus uses internal IP addresses to communicate with the Car. Developing Wireless CarPlay Systems - WWDC 2017 - Videos - Apple Developer. If I had to guess, I would predict the issue being that Warp doesn’t whitelist the internal IP address for the car so it tries sending it over the VPN connection instead. I’m not sure if that’s certain, though, as there isn’t much actual info in the developer talks regarding this potential issue.

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When I took a look at it I was wondering if it was a problem with the wifi connection being connected so the car couldn’t connect - There isn’t a problem with the traffic being sent down the tunnel, if you connect and turn it on, it seems quite happy.

Not sure if you can connect to CarPlay via wireless when there is a VPN connected - denying connections or something like that as its being tunnelled. I have tried using hotspot when connected via a CPVN, the phone seems to split the traffic itself, the connected devices don’t go down the tunnel.

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