Windows Store and Feedback Hub didn't work yesterday

Up until today, Windows Store, Feedback Hub, and other UWP apps didn’t work because of the DNS setup in my router or modem. (, but it seems like Microsoft fixed the issue, and I remember I had a website that didn’t work too, and Google fixed the problem in Chrome. I would want Cloudflare’s team to investigate the issue deeper and prevent such things from happening in the future. I work from my laptop at home, and I depend on Cloudflare’s DNS; I cannot miss a single day of work because of a problem.

Also, I remember that when I tried to debug a website (or my python program, which uses direct requests) using Fiddler, I encountered problems with Cloudflare’s DNS, which thankfully are gone now. Consider looking into this matter too to prevent such behavior, as I work remotely and cannot have this issue.