Windows reports "No internet" while on WARP

We are using WARP and when we are on WARP, Windows shows “No internet”. Unfortunately, this is confusing end-users who mistakenly, but rightfully, believes that something is wrong with their network.

We have followed the steps here and added * and to the split tunnels, but it seems that it is not enough:


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I have had success adding * to the split tunnel exclusion. Note the *.

Thanks. Unfortunately, this does not seem to have any effect on our end. We still see the offline icon after adding * to the list of split tunnels.

That fixed things for us. Note that you do have to disconnect and reconnect after making the change.

Turns out we needed to add the domains to the local fallback domains as well. Might be a local issue for us, but at least, in combination with the tip from @mgonzalez, it is working on our side now as well, it seems. Fingers crossed and many thanks!

use the doh subdomain in the firewall rules for the zero trust gateway you can enforce doh over https without the warp client for both windows & andriod devices
this way you can be secure over your router & every device on your network is secure

check cloudflare gateway