Windows laptop provisioning with WARP client. Have to uninstall app to login as new user

We provision a Windows laptop with WARP installed as part of the image. Afterward, we need to join the laptop to the domain. I use my own credentials to join the domain and then switch to the user who will be using the laptop while it is still connected to the domain, so that it can locate the new user’s account. However, even when logged in as the new user, WARP remains logged into my my account. The only solution I’ve found so far is to uninstall the WARP app while on the new user’s account and then reinstall it, logging them in again. Does anyone have any tips or fixes for this issue?"

This is currently a limitation of WARP as described on Known limitations · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

We’re experiencing the same and usage of WARP on shared devices is currently a pain if different rules based on identities are in place.

Thank you for the reply! So what action do you take? Do you do the delete and reinstall method?