Windows installation of Cloudflared not clear

Absolutely new to Cloudflare and I must be overlooking something obvious but following the instructions to download and install the Windows version doesn’t seem to be working for me.
I open the PowerShell, renamed the exe file as suggested, changed directories to where the file was download and ran the .\cloudflared.exe --version which produced the following:
cloudflared version 2021.10.5 (built 2021-10-25-2004 UTC)
Nothing else has happened, not sure where to go from here. Instructions describe that I should be able to enter commands such as $ cloudflared tunnel login but I have no such prompt to enter commands in.

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If .\cloudflared.exe --version works, then .\cloudflared.exe tunnel login should also do something.

I guess that’s where the instructions made it confusing for me. They didn’t explicitly describe the command like you did, just to type at the $ prompt cloudflared tunnel login NOT .\cloudflared.exe tunnel login. Small difference for sure but still confusing to me LOL.

Thanks for the quick response by the way.

I’m now at the Authorize Argo Tunnel page and click on my domain entry to authorize but get a red warning at the bottom of the page *Please verify your email. (Code: 1211)? Any insights on this or should I open or search for that topic?


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Figured out the issue. Apparently when I created my account and entered my account email address, it was never verified, no verification email was sent to me so I had to do so manually. Once verified, rest of the process went pretty smoothly.

Thank you

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