Windows Event Log spammed with "ERROR Ping failed to WARP endpoint"

I just opened the Event Viewer in my machine and to my surprise I saw this:

Details of log entry shows:

2023-09-06T21:41:47Z|ERROR|Ping failed to WARP endpoint. |Warp.UI.Connectivity.StatisticsService|

A new event is being recorded every 5 seconds.

The problem seems to have started at 2023-09-03 3:36:48 AM (i’m in GMT-03:00) since this is the oldest entry of this kind I found in the logs.

According to Windows “Installed Apps”, Cloudflare Warp was installed in 2023-08-22 (the date I formatted the computer).

----- Environment -----
Cloudflare Warp v23.7.160
(Recently installed) Windows 11 22H2 (OS build 22621.2134)

Update: Turning off Warp (“Your internet is not protected”) stops the event spamming.

But turning it ON brings the problem again (one event recorded every 5 seconds).

Did you resolve this? Our company also having this issue