Windows ARM support?

Hello, been wondering if (or hopefully when) Windows ARM support will be implemented for the Desktop WARP Client? The only other post I could really find about this is about a year old with no replies… Cloudflare Warp Desktop Client Windows ARM Support - DNS & Network / - Cloudflare Community

When trying to run the WARP client there’s an issue with WinDivert being loaded since it’s trying to use the x64 version and it needs to be native… I’ve tried using the 32bit version out of desperation with no luck and the only available ARM version isn’t code-signed and I don’t want to go down disabling BitLocker just to get WARP working.

I’ve been using WireGuard in the meantime but since the somewhat recent Project Voltera announcement I was hoping there might be more push for ARM64EC builds of things. If not, could there at least please be some documentation on how to get Zero Trust working with WireGuard?

…or should I be submitting this elsewhere?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


I would also like to have ARM Support.

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