Windows 10 - Windows Hello / Cloudflare wrong company association

When I try to add a Yubikey, this message pops up. The company name I redacted is not related to my computer, Brave browser or Cloudflare. It may be the old name related to our Cloudflare account, but it was changed many years ago. Is Cloudflare still pulling old data for this?

This looked Brave Software Inc has asked you to revalidate the PIN.

Add a Security Key

Windows Security pops up and tells me to input my PIN. After doing so, that is considered my Security Key.

There is never a time where I can simply add my Yubikey.

Cloudflare supports Authenticator, hardware keys and Windows Hello (webauthn) as multifactors.

This is the request for Windows Hello to be used as a 2FA.

@stumbleblocks I have added a USB key to my account using the desktop. When I tried adding a USB-C key using my laptop it actually used the fingerprint scan (Windows Hello) as the 2FA but if you try a second time it will add the key as you can have multiple 2FA devices.

Similar happens on Android devices - if you try to add a USB-C key using a smartphone it will default to using a fingerprint first if enroled.

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