Windows 10 default mail appication does not work with cloudflare

I have just switched to cloudflare for about ten days. Yesterday, I realized that emails did not work. I have changed the setting and my emails work with iphone (mail appli) and outlook but the windows 10 default mail appli does not work with my email. It seems that the app can not connect to email server.

I attach my cloudflare setting. Could you please take a look at my setting to see if there is something wrong.

I don’t know where Win10 Email gets its settings but your DNS here is correct. As long as the app is connecting to the ‘mail/imap/pop3/smtp’ hostname, it should work. (I really just just ‘mail’ for everything, as the others are unnecessary)

Thanks for your reply.
Should I delete A record with “imap” “pop3”, “smtp” from my DNS setting here?
It seems that the windows 10 mail app can not connect to my mail server. There is no place for setting a mail “port” in the mail app.

I have changed to use outlook and I do not really need to use windows 10 mail app. But if you want to test I will creat a mail account for you and you can check it (to see the problem is from windows 10 mail app or from cloudflare).

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