Windows 10/11 shows "No Internet Access" when Warp is ON


I’m having a problem with Windows 10/11 where I do have internet access, but the OS shows as if there is not. I can access websites and use the internet, but with restriction, since OneDrive, Outlook and other MS services will be unavailable due to this error.

Currently I’m using Gateway with Warp and split tunnels in exclude mode.
On Arch Linux, I was able to fix the “No internet” message by just adding the dns check domain to the exclude rules.
For Windows , I’ve tried to add the * and * in the exclude rules, but haven’t had any type of change. I also tried adding it to the Local FallBack Domain, still with no luck.

I also read the documentation and community links bellow:

Troubleshooting · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

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