Windivert 2.2 is blocked by window, get a signed one

Screenshot (85)

This does not happen in a Windows Sandbox when trying to install with WARP. Try on a different computer to confirm the issue is not with the program.

I did not encounter this problem when installing Warp on Windows 10 (20H2), what version of Windows are you on?

Also it does seem that one of the signatures has expired on the driver “WinDivert64.sys” @dane

I’m using Windows 8 currently. So, for windows 8 user who have this problem, may I know is there a way to solve it. I totally love Cloudflare, I’ve been using it since early 2020 in mobile?

Cc: @kkrum

Can you look into?

Hey @nabilafif thanks for the heads up on this. We are working on getting the signature updated.

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Thank You very much sir, really appriciate it.

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