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I need help with my website. My website is showning no dns setup. I saw it working fine till yesterday but today It was down as if I did not add my dns records. I have talked with web host provider and they have confirmed that no issue is from there. I saw the dns at Cloudflare and all records are perfect. What can I do now ?
Please help me.

It’s working fine for me Can you confirm its working fine for you if it doesn’t please send a screenshot.

Hi @Neeraj_1
It is not working for me.

There is no typo error as far I know. All other domains except this are working but I dont know what is the issue with this one.
I think there might be issues in dns from either Cloudflare side or from hosting provider.

But it’s loading fine for me this is your website right ?
I tried to visit it through my Laptop
Here’s Laptop Screenshot

Please try re-opening your website in your phone

Hello @Neeraj_1
I tried opening from all browsers but still it’s showing the same error. I don’t know why is this happing all of a sudden. On the WebHosting Panel all things seem rightly setup. I think I should try to remove the domain and add it again at the hosting panel. Should I go ahead ?

No , no Please don’t do that it’s working fine for me in India i try opening in laptop , mobile and tab in 3 devices it worked fine

From which Country you are trying to open ?

Hey I am too trying from India ( Jaipur Region ).

Oh try from Laptop

Ok. Let me try.

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Hey @Neeraj_1 , it worked from laptop !
Thanks for your time in helping me. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

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No problem . It was Happy to help you :relaxed: .

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