Will WP + Kajabi + CloudFlare play nicely?

Hi, I have used Cloudflare to use a custom domain within the Kajabi platform.

What I would like to attempt to do without too many workarounds is also have a WP install sitting in a hosting server to access a plugin like “Pretty Link” so I can create re-directs for our site which isn’t an option through Kajabi (at this time).

An example is:
Sending people to follow us on Twitter, create the ‘pretty link’ and it would look like Custom Application Development Software for Business - Salesforce.com (this would then re-direct to our twitter username).

Is there a way through DNS or another option to have both the custom domain with Kajabi and also WP install sitting on another host?

I spoke to support at Liquid Web and they provided me an idea, but it is a lot of steps to achieve this.

Thanks in advance.