Will using polling get my customers blocked?

Will using polling get my customers blocked?

With the coronavirus, I’m just about to switch a customer over from in-person auctions to real time online bidding.

Each auction will be held once a week. There will be approximately 100 participants. Each will poll the server once a second for new bids. One average, bids will be happening every one or two seconds, so this isn’t quite as wasteful as it sounds. The load on the server is basically nothing.

Will one hundred users showing up out of the blue, and each making 40,000 tiny http requests over the next hour cause my site or my users to be blocked? Is this something we should remove from being behind cloudflare?

I would honestly not expect it to even register on our monitoring tools. And doesn’t seem to be out of line with our terms as described it it did.

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Wonderful! Thanks!