Will upload html files but won't upload image files

Steve here. My site is https://www.theanalogdept.com
It’s about record players. FWIW I don’t do transactions on the site.

I’ve been using CloudFlare SSL Free in conjunction with my webhost (Gate.com) for the past two years with little difficulty. I upload via FTP using FileZilla. That’s been working fine for many years as well
In order to upload via FileZilla, I log in to CF and pause my DNS. Doing this enables my FTP software to connect with the server. Typical day.
Then, about three days ago I noticed that I could upload html files but my image files were being blocked. FileZilla would note that (could not start transfer) in that small window at the bottom.
It’s been doing this since last Thursday. Not sure what’s up. It worked before. Not now.

Only thing I can think of is that I just renewed my Domain Name with my webhost (Gate). Unfortunately Tech Support there has not been helpful. Actually, mostly they are absent and do not engage in chat.

I’m using a desktop pc running Windows for all my website work.

Do you use your hostname or IP address when you connect to FileZilla FTP?

If using hostname, please either add a sub-domain like ftp.yourdomain.com and point it to your IPv4 with :grey: or use directly your IP address when connecting.

Yes. I connect directly to my webhost per their method and, as noted, it has been working well for the past two years. It logs in as ftp IPv4. Been doing that since 2002 when I first started the page.

What is their method?

Do you have an A record pointed to their IPv4 address and :orange: at Cloudflare dashboard for your domain?
Or an CNAME record?

What you have used before for a “host” field at FileZilla FTP?
Your domain (like mydomain.com)?

Maybe your hosting provider did not renewed SSL certificate, so you cannot connect to TLS/SSL of your Website?
Have you tried going with “plain” method?

Moreover, is the port still the same or has the port changed so far?

Can you create an sub-domain at your hosting provider (Affinity Internet, Inc)?

Is your IP address still

As I cannot test with a anonymous connect over FTP directly to the IP address so far, your server (if still the same hosting provider) does not accept anonymous connections:

530 This FTP server does not accept anonymous logins.

What is your transfer mode at FileZilla FTP under Options → Transfers → FTP: File Types? (should be binary)

The web hoste (Gate) does not provide the SSL cert. CloudFlare does.
Not sure what “plain” method is.
However nothing has changed at my end over the past two years. Still doing as I have been prior until this recent difficulty.
I log in to the web host with FileZilla using ftp://www.theanalogdept.com That is all I know. Fwiw, I’m more about site content than IP mgmt.

IP is still
Transfer mode in Filezilla is set to “Auto”

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Filezilla does connect using my ftp address / password. If…I pause the DNS settings here at CF. By pausing I mean I click the orange cloud to make it dns only. Once I’ve done that Filezilla will connect immediately. And it does connect. And it does transfer html files. For some strange reason it will not upload any new images.

If you are connecting using the host IP, you do not need to Pause Cloudflare.

Moreover, I cannot replicate that and never had that kind of issue.

Have you tried reaching out to your hosting provider due to this issue?

Go with IP. No need to pause Cloudflare.

So, if your FileZilla FTP by default was setup to connect to SSL, you would get error that way.
Moreover, regarding connection type, see below on the screenshot:

I also assume by the cite of you from the above reply, you are using Flexible SSL for your Website (if your host cannot generate or you cannot add an SSL certificate neither from Cloudflare)?

I have tried to get in touch with the host, both via chat and on the phone. No solutions so far. But I do suspect that the obstacle is on their server.

I’m using Full SSL at the moment. Although I have tried it at flexible. It makes no difference so far.My Filezilla is for Windows and does not show me a option window like the one you show. What I do see is in my settings/connection/FTP I have three mode options, Active mode, Passive mode(recommended) and FTP Proxy. Current mode is Passive.

re: go with IP. I don’t know where to find that setting. Although in the past when I have tried to connect via ftp with the SSL showing orange, the FTP will not connect with the server at all.

I was able to make contact with tech support at my webhost. They told me I had exceeded the number of files allowed within my account plan. That would explain it. So the servers at Gate.com were preventing me from uploading any new content.
At this point I think I need to review all of my options and I do thank you fritexvz for taking the time to help trouble shoot this issue.


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