Will this CNAME setup work for WP Multisite the way I'm hoping?

I run a WP Multisite network. I’m keen to have customers run their DNS through for CDN, DDoS protection, etc benefits, so much so that I’ve considered offering a discount as an incentive for doing so.

I’m curious, however, if this would work:

I set up a CNAME like server.domain.com and proxy it through CF. My customers set up www. as CNAME to server.domain.com and also domain redirect from naked domain to www. That will get customers’ domains pointing through to the network.

I’m curious, however, if it will also give those customers some of the benefits Cloudflare provides, most notably DDoS protection (and hopefully the ability to run CF load balancer across a few app servers).

It’s the end of a long week so I may have some flaws in my logic, but I’m thinking that if my customer’s domains are ultimately resolving to CF’s proxy server then they’d enjoy some of the benefits CF provides without the hassle (they’re relatively non-technical and/or sometimes CAN’T run DNS through cloudflare) of setting up CF themselves.

Does this check out? What pieces of CF wouldn’t work? Will this have any impact on SSL?

I’ll ultimately have to set up a test to check this out but thought perhaps someone smarter than me may have some quick advice in the mean time.

Thanks in advance!

I would recommend you to looking into SSL for SaaS:

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And if my understanding of SSL for SaaS is correct, it requires a Business or Enterprise plan in order for that CNAME to work.

For the zone which would CNAME to the OP?

For their CNAME to respond to a third party domain.

Oh, yeah. But I bet it would become an Enterprise given that SSL for SaaS is a Sales team matter.

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Yes, sorry, I should have added the SSL for SaaS in only available on Enterprise…


Awesome, hadn’t seen that service yet. Thanks for all the info!

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