Will there be downtime when upgrading plan?

I want to upgrade the subscription for one of my domains to a higher tier plan. I found some documentation about this at here. This page mentions changes will be processed immediately, but makes no mention of any consequences other than potential SSL issues. Does this mean there are no other consequences like short/temporary downtime or degraded performance?
I suspect that upgrading plans is mostly an administrative process, so I wouldn’t expect any issues, but since the domain is already live I just want to be sure before clicking the button.

I’m not sure but I don’t think there should be any downtime

As long as everything is working fine right now for your site on Cloudflare, there should be no disruption of service when upgrading.

Issues may arise when downgrading as you lose features that may not be fully included in the downgraded plan (amount of page rules, firewall rules, etc.).

Feel free to upgrade at any time :slight_smile:

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