Will there be downtime for our account if we downgrade from Enterprise Plan to Business Plan?

We have been on Cloudflare’s Enterprise Plan for 11 months through their Startup Program; prior to that, we were on the Business Plan. We’re considering downgrading back to the Business Plan due to the lack of use of Enterprise-specific features.

We’ve contacted Cloudflare’s customer support via email about the downgrade process, but responses have been slow and sparse. While they’ve assured us that the downgrade will happen in October without downtime, we still have several unanswered questions:

  1. Will our account automatically revert to the Business Plan, or is manual re-subscription required?
  2. What’s the time window between the Enterprise Plan’s cancellation and Business Plan’s re-subscription? Minutes? Hours?
  3. Will we receive notifications before and after the downgrade?

The process lacks transparency, which is causing us concern. We need to avoid any unexpected service interruptions, as our website and API services are critical to our operations. Our most pressing concern is that the downgrade could occur at 2am Pacific Time while our team is unavailable, potentially causing our account to enter an invalid state and interrupting the flow of all production traffic through Cloudflare.

Ideally, we’d prefer:

  1. A manual option for transitioning to the Business Plan, allowing us to control the timing and monitor metrics. Specifically, we want to manually switch to the Business Plan via our Cloudflare dashboard ourselves, but we’ve been informed that this must be handled on Cloudflare’s end—perhaps due to the custom, manual setup required for the Enterprise Plan in the first place.

  2. Or, at minimum, we should be able to know a specific time window (rounded to the hour) when the change will occur. Right now all we know is the date this will happen, but don’t know what time…

We’ve been satisfied with Cloudflare for 6-7 years and intend to continue our long-term partnership with them, but the current experience has been stressful due to slow communication and lack of clear process details - technically we are still in Enterprise plan at this moment (until next month).

Has anyone had a similar experience? We’d appreciate any insights or recommendations.

Thank you.

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I could not find a ticket related to this issue. Please open a ticket with our Support team so your question can be addressed.