Will there be a conflict between certificates?


I have a SSL certificate given by godaddy for my domain *.example.com example.com, set up on my dedicated servers. Users, who use old browsers and operating systems have problems with the access to my site.
In FAQ is mentioned that the problem can be solved by purchasing the paid PRO or Business plan.
Could you clarify, can be there the data collision between my certificate given by godaddy and certificate given by Cloudflare?
Thank you in advance.

Visitors will connect using Cloudflare’s SSL certificate. Once you enable Cloudflare, your dedicated server’s SSL certificate is only used by Cloudflare’s proxy/cache server to pull content from your site.

So…if the Cloudflare free plan SSL doesn’t work for your clients, but the Pro plan SSL certificate does, then you’ll be all set. According to the Features comparison, Free handles “most modern browsers” and Pro handles “All Browsers.” This should work for you.

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