Will the site go down when migrating Nameserver?

I have a domain hosted that has nameservers managed by Digital ocean at this moment. I am planning to implement Cloudflare in front of our system.

I am not sure what will happen when I change the nameservers to the one provided by Cloudflare.
Will my services/websites go down temporarily?

Happy to read the documentation(official) if available.

Thank you!

No they don’t when changing the nameservers and not the records

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As long as your DNS records on Cloudflare match the records on your current nameservers, it will be fine. Just pay particular attention to DNSSEC, you might want to disable it before you switch and enable it only once your domain loads fine on Cloudflare.


Thank you for your response. Where do I configure DNSSEC?
Also, my current nameserver entry is in digitalocean but that is not my Domain registrar. So, will adding cloudflare nameserver in digitalocean do the job or it will need to be done on Domain registrar?

DNSSEC is configured at your registrar. What’s the domain?

DNSSEC is currently not enabled anyhow.

When adding the domain to Cloudflare, double check that all records got imported, otherwise adjust them. Once that is set, you should be able to change nameservers without any issue.

Fantastic. As I am new to networking, could you please help me understand from where you figured out that DNSSEC is not enabled?

Thank you very much for your help!

Your domain’s Whois entry shows that DNSSEC is currently disabled.

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Thank you

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