Will the network used by Pro be better than free?

My website has been under a free plan for two years. In February of this year, China Telecom was unable to connect to the site through SSL, but China Mobile was still able to do so.

I added another site, and everything is normal for the new site

Can I restore the SSL connection of the original site to normal if I change the plan to Pro? (There is a problem with the telecommunications connection, but there is no problem with the mobile device)

What SSL error did you receive?
Can you share the screenshot of the error?

Please check this link to understand what features are offered in each plan: Our Plans | Pricing

Not all SSL is incorrect, a few can be connected.
I checked the edge status code, does it feel a bit too much for 403 Forbidden?


Hi @821174409,

A 403 should not be related with SSL.

A 403 is usually a block (although it may be from Cloudflare or the origin server).

I would recommend you to go to your Security Events, and see if you can see some blocks.

If that is the case, by scrolling down, you will find the Activity log.

If you expand each event you will be able to understand what rule was triggered.

The issue might be related with one of your Firewall rules. I would recommend you to investigate if your 3rd rule might be causing this issue.

I hope this helps, but please let me know if you need further assistance.