Will the client certificate be deleted when it expires?

After the client certificate reaches its maximum expiration date, will it be deleted or automatically replaced by the system? Because the client certificate is hard-coded, when the certificate is replaced it will cause irreparable damage, I have to be cautious. My question is whether I can continue to use the original expired certificate on the client after the certificate expires to continue to pass the authentication?

By the way, I would like the admin to help me remove the last topic about HTTP/3, although it still has problems, but I have changed the solution. And I forgot to hide my domain, thanks~

Do you mean the authenticated_origin_pull_ca.pem for Authenticated Origin Pulls?

If so, that’s a great question. (Although I think the terminology is a bit off, it’s not a client certificate, it’s a CA certificate for the internal CA that Cloudflare uses to sign its client certificates)

Seems like it expires November 1, 2029?

Or are you talking about something else?

Sorry, I think I may not have described the dog clearly。It is located in url https://dash.cloudflare.com/【your_id】/【your_domain】/ssl-tls/client-certificates 。I’m using mTLS to force my clients to provide certificates for two-way authentication

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