Will SSL for SaaS be auto renewed, or manually

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I noticed GTS (or Let’s Encrypt) was issued for external domain names added through Custom Hostnames. However, since this function is slightly different from general ssl for websites, at least they’re in diverse places, will it also be renewed by Cloudflare?

Or, according to the way I added them, such as TXT, HTTP and Email, I still have to repeat that progress once every three months?

Besides, only “pki.goog” is allowed to issue SSL for my domain, but Cloudflare still gave me a Let’s Encrypt version, thus I have to delete that then create again, till GTS is configured. May I choose what I want for these custom hostnames?

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When renewing GTS backed SSL on certbot, as long as the ·_acme-challenge.example.com· keeps the same, no more steps is asked. Does this also applies to Cloudflare Custom Hostnames?

Here is the result: https://developers.cloudflare.com/cloudflare-for-platforms/cloudflare-for-saas/security/certificate-management/issue-and-validate/validate-certificates/http/

Auto-renewed by Cloudflare using HTTP, if everything goes well.