Will Redirect Rule work to redirect @ to www?

I have read the tutorials. Nothing seems to work. I have tried with and without “https://”. I have even tried one side with “https://” and the other with out and I have tested that both ways.

What am I doing wrong? This Rule doesnt seem to be working to redirect @ to www. I put “example” in to replace my actual domain, in all of these examples I have used the “example.com” domain to show where I have actually used my real domain in testing.

Choosing Type “Dynamic” returns: “‘https://www.example.com’ is not a valid value for target_url because the expression is invalid: Filter parsing error (1:1): https://www.example.com ^^^^^ unknown identifier (Code: 20083)”

The hostname is without https://, so it should be as the example below.

Did you create a proxied DNS record for the name you are trying to redirect?

As what example below? Are you saying I should redirect example.com to www.example.com without “https://”?

I have tried that and it did a weird thing where it redirected example.com to example.com/www.example.com

Yes, I have proxied DNS A records for @ and WWW pointed to host IP address and they are working.

The hostname field has an example below: e.g. example.com.

You only enter example.com into that field.

In the URL field, https://www.example.com is correct.


Thanks. It works.


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