Will Railgun Improve my Website Performance?


I have a social network website (user generated) and wondering if Railgun can improve my website speed performance (API speed, etc). For example whenever user open newsfeed page, requires API call to get the latest content (highly dynamic content). Does it cache parts of the API (only changing the updated part instead loading the whole thing again everytime the page is opened)? I’m using Laravel (backend + API) and Angular 4 (frontend).

Would really appreciate any input.

Thank you.

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Might need to ask Cloudflare support to be 100% sure.

From what I understand for Railgun to accelerate dynamic content via a compressed diff, it’s between 2 versions of the resulting rendered page i.e. newsfeed html page.

So if you had 2 versions of the newsfeed page that only differed in the hourly timestamp listed on an updated news article listing, the the compressed diff would be for just those bytes that allow the updated hourly timestamp to be sent from railgun listener installed on your server to Cloudflare.

If it’s dynamic content that is not personalized like news website (i.e user can comment on post), then I’m sure it can get accellerated. But what about personalized dynamic content website like social network, where each user newsfeed is unique (based on his friends or who he follows)? Can railgun improve that ?

My website is using full API and integrated with both mobile and website. Can Railgun cache API response, where that API response is based on URL parameter & token on header? The token and URL parameter are used to query database to get the requested data. I’ve tried using NGINX micro cache (I set it to minimal, 1s) but it caused the API response to display data that’s is not in accordance with the token and URL parameter that being input.

Thank you.

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