Will Paypal IPN work ok on June 30 - TLS 1.2 is required

Does anyone know if going through Cloudflare is sufficient to comply with Paypal’s TLS 1.2 requirement for their IPN (instant payment notification)? My web server is TLS 1.0 so I am using Cloudflare, which is 1.2. It is working fine now with Paypal website payments. I am just not sure if the IPN will work also after their deadline on June 30, see PayPal security guidelines and best practices

Looking at the code I have on the response page it has

$socket = fsockopen(‘www.paypal.com’,80,$errno,$errstr,30);

fputs ($socket,$header.“\r\n\r\n”);
while (!feof($socket)){
$response = fgets ($socket,1024);

This seems to me like a connection from my server to Paypal and therefore bypassing CF, so I am thinking it will not work.

Any help is much appreciated.

Since your script initiates the connection it will bypass Cloudflare and your server is connecting directly to PayPal.So you should make sure that your server supports TLS 1.2

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