Will my website go down I create a new cloudflare account and change the name servers?

I had a SEO company doing all my web stuff for quite some time, last year i ceased to use their services. Now I need to add a TXT record to verify my domain for my CRM and cant because I have no clue how they set up my account here at cloudflare. I tried reaching out to them but they are no longer in business. Someone told me that if I change the name servers my site may go down or I may lose the functionality of some parts of my site. Cloudflare doesnt offer customer support so I don’t know what to do at this point.

Can someone give me some advice?

Hi @user8835,

If you didn’t create the account, you will need to transfer it across to your own. Note that all the settings will not transfer across with it and you will need to make sure all the DNS records match those required. Assuming you set it up OK on the new account, your site should be OK.

Hi, thank you for your help. How would I know what all these setting are if I do not have the login to the cloudflare account?

No problem, that is tricky and you may not manage to get the settings exactly the same. However, the key things are to make sure the DNS records match those at your web host and to make sure the SSL/TLS mode is set correctly - ideally Full (strict) assuming you have a certificate on your server.

Great! Thank you so much, that was very helpful. :slight_smile:

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