Will my site go down if I transfer to Cloudflare registrar?

Is it possible that my site may go down if I transfer to the Cloudflare registrar from Godaddy? Is it a good idea to transfer it to CF registrar? Any changes I need to make after the transfer is complete?

If you are transferring a domain from one registrar to another registrar or even within same registry , then the DNS zone travels with the transfer and website don’t go down during this process. No, Just make sure that you put correct nameservers at the time of transfer so your website will not face any downtime.

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To prevent any downtime, make sure you are already using cloudflare dns from your current provider, when transferring, there will be no downtime at all if that is all already done.

Yes. I am already using Cloudflare DNS and have pointed to CF nameservers since the beginning.

Should not be a problem then, i tranferred from namecheap to cf with no downtime.

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GoDaddy in the past has been quite unhelpful by changing the name servers in your WHOIS info to their own right before handing off the domain to Cloudflare, and screwing up DNS. Then Cloudflare ends up with incorrect name servers listed for your domain.

Wow, Godaddy really screwed them! Did they solve the issue though? Did their website go down?

It probably depends on their specific configuration. If their DNS records are identical between GoDaddy and Cloudflare, it’d probably be ok. But it wouldn’t be using Cloudflare which may cause some problems (Page Rules, no protection, etc).

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