Will my site die after the NS change?

Hi. I wouldn’t want my site to die after a NS change, I know from experience that things don’t happen quickly, sometimes an hour, but sometimes it was 17 hours. I’m terrible at not wanting my site to die for 17 hours. If you can, check the dns to see if everything is correct.

and i don’t have ssl on site

After searching, I found that while the change is going on, you need to set DNS only, and then run it through Cloudflare

Censoring that many details make it hard (if not, impossible) to assist.

The many “mail” records are at least some that I would be worried with, given the fact that you have Proxied (:orange:) them. Cloudflare’s HTTP Proxy network will not listen to email traffic, and as such, those are likely not going to be working as expected.


Okay, should I add to the existing NS or put Cloudflare completely? The second one sounds scary

Best way to guarantee nothing unexpectedly goes down would be to unproxy :ngrey: the records so that the DNS records after the NS change are made will continue serving the same as they did on the old NS. Then you can attempt to proxy and test changes at your own pace rather than whenever the NS happens to update itself.

You need to replace them completely with Cloudflare nameservers, as you are managing DNS on Cloudflare after the change.

See here for more details:

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I hope all will be well. Thank you!

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