Will my server be still protected by cloudflare proxy if the users accesses my website directly with the IP address?

My website is on a linux machine with the IP address
I have bought domain name from godaddy and updated my name server to cloudflare

When user enters my website url www.mustafagroup.site , it goes through cloudflare proxy which adds an extra layer of security such as DDOS to my webserver

My question is what if the user types my ip address directly to access my website.
Does cloudflare proxy still get used? or what if attackers directly attack my IP with DDOS?
Does cloudflare proxy still protect my webserver from ddos?
If i am not clear please comment, I will reply back.

Here is some links i been reading


This is why whitelisting Cloudflare IP addresses and blocking the rest is recommended.

Also, please redact your IP address to prevent someone from circumventing Cloudflare security protections.


There’s also the option of using Cloudflare Tunnel which will provide even better security than what erictung suggested, but it is arguably a bit more complex to set up :slightly_smiling_face:

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