Will my PHP be updated?



I’m planning on transferring my website to cloudflare (it is currently built on wordpress and hosted on a local webserver).
I’d like to know if my php version will be updated or should I update it before going to cloudflare?


Cloudflare doesn’t host content for customers, so the PHP version is under your (and your hosting provider’s) control, not Cloudflare’s.


Ok, so, in simple terms, my website is not going to be hosted on cloudflare? Cloudflare is only going to distribute it?
Thanks for the help


Cloudflare acts as a proxy to mitigate DoS and caches content based on the policies you specify.


Excelent, thank you!
Btw, is there any downtime when changing my DNS records?
Will my website still be accessible during the DNs change?


Usually no downtime to be worried about.

First add your domain Here, CF will run a scan for about 2000 most common DNS records and add them auotmatically. If you don’t have exotic records there should be no issue.

Then change the nameservers at your registrar to the pair given during the sign up process. Don’t touch other existing DNS records there.

How ever. It can take up to 24 or 48 hours until the new nameservers are propagated. That’s the worst case


Ok. thank you!

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