Will my Netlify+Cloudflare website will work after April 14?

Hi Netlify just announced that they will forward traffic from your-site.netlify.com address to your-site.netlify.app starting from April 14.

Also they’ve said that:

What if I use a proxy in front of Netlify?

Since Netlify operates as a global CDN, we don’t encourage customers to use proxies or services like CloudFlare in front of Netlify. Using a non-Netlify proxy isn’t a configuration we officially support. (’) If you do need to use a third-party proxy, you will want to carefully test your application after the migration. Some proxies expect content returned and won’t be successful navigating the 301 redirect.

Cloudflare doesn’t forward redirects, it instead forwards them back to the client and the client reacts. If eg. you have a CNAME for a.example.com pointing to a.netlify.com and a.netlify.com. is giving a 301 to a.netlify.app, CF will forward this redirect to the browser.

I’m not sure what the behavior will be for netlify after the migration but chances are changing the CNAME to a.netlify.app after the migration will solve this. But again, I’m not sure about this. If there are official instructions for updating your CNAME DNS record, follow that since it most likely will work with Cloudflare.

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