Will my GSuite email still work after DNS transfer?

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I want to move my domain over to Cloudflare however am a little worried my email will stop working. At present, the MX records with my registrar are pointing to GSuite / Google.com. Will this continue to be the case when I change the DNS records to Cloudflare?

Any advice is appreciated!

As long as the DNS records in Cloudflare are identical to the DNS records in your current nameserver, you’ll be fine.

Thanks for the swift response Eric,

Does Cloudflare automatically bring across the settings setup on the registrar on the DNS change or do I manually need to replicate the MX Records on Cloudflare?

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In most cases, yes, but not 100% guarantee. You still need to cross check the accuracy of the DNS records.

Thanks for your assistance Eric,

That worked perfectly :slight_smile:

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