Will my email go down if I transfer the domain?

Hi guys -

Our domain is currently located at NameBright (ugh) and we are looking to transfer it into a different account.

I believe our name servers are through our Cloudflare account.

We are brand new to Cloud Flare and had a rep emailing us back and forth who suddenly stopped responding to emails and left me hanging, which was quite disappointing.

I am hoping someone can help me figure out if our emails through the domain I want to transfer will go down for any period of time?

Again - We had an email chain with someone from Cloudflare and I’m a bit disappointed that the communication suddenly stopped. All of this is very new to me and I am a new subscriber to this service. We have no idea if we set things up properly or if our money is being spent efficiently.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated…


You are looking to move the domain registration from namebright to another domain registrar?

That has no effect on email nor on your website. You’d have to change your email setup or your site hosting to affect those. When you change registrars do not change the nameservers away from cloudflare.


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