Will my current SSL need to be replaced if i go with cloudflare?



I’m about to buy the Pro plan but I’m wondering what will happen with my current SSL.

I’m hosted on bluehost and they gave me a free SSL.

I never used a CDN before so im not exactly sure as to what will be replaced/canceled out.


Your server keeps that SSL certificate so Cloudflare’s proxy server can make a secure connection to your web server. Then your visitors get a Cloudflare SSL certificate when they connect to the Cloudflare proxy server.

This is what SSL Full (Strict) does:


That didnt really answer my question “i dont think”

option #1 delete my bluehost SSL and go through cloudflare to get an SSL?

option #2 or can i just leave that alone and once i start using cloudflare everything will be fine and my bluehost SSL will still be there.


Oh. Short answer: No. (Option #2 is correct).

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