Will my Cloudflare IP addresses change?



We use cloudflare for our DNS, which I think is great, however we also use Windows DNS for our internal DNS.

Our Internal DNS server points to the origin host server IP addresses, however I am thinking about setting it up so that our internal DNS servers have their records point to Cloudflare. For example, instead of my A record pointing to I would have two A records pointing to the public IP addresses presented by Cloudflare.

I have tested this and it does work, my question is, will the Cloudflare IP addresses ever change or are they “static” for my account?




It does change every once in a long while. I have an alert that pops up if my DNS changes, and it happens from time to time. Maybe once per year or so. Your mileage may vary, etc…


Thanks @sdayman

Your alert that pops up, is that something you have created? Like a script that checks the DNS and triggers if the IP addresses are different?


I get the alert from my Wordfence plugin.


Assuming you’re in a split brain DNS scenario where part of that zone is used internally only… you could just do ns delegation to your Cloudflare nameservers (which won’t change) for records like www or blog.


Hi @cscharff, thanks for the point in the right direction. Name server delegation is exactly what I needed.

I had originally been trying conditional forwarders, which do work but Windows DNS will only accept IP addresses for a conditional forwarder and I’d imagine that you would at some stage change the IP of our name servers.




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